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Occupational Hazard

While working deep in a West Virginia coal mine, Diana is exposed to a mysterious gas that seeps into her everyday life.

2021 20th Digital Studio / Bite-Size Halloween Short Film

** Available now on Hulu (season 2, episode 7)! **


Writer/Director: Ursula Ellis
Starring: Virginia Newcomb & Ben Long
Produced by: Megan Leonard, Katie White
Executive Producers: Dawn Moore, David Moore
Producer: Luke Lashley
Director of Photography: Travis LaBella
1st Asst Director: Tijah Bumgarner
Production Design & Wardrobe: Carrie Heckel
SFX: Ben Gojer
Production Sound: Allistair Johnson
HMU: Karhlee Zambos
Editor: Collin Davis
Sound Designer: Isaac Derfel
Composer: Zach Robinson
VFX Supervisor: Zach Moore




20th Digital

Production Company